Our philosophy is simple - skincare is healthcare.

Beurre, which translates as butter in French, was founded on the belief that healthy skin is happy skin. Our cold-pressed, vegan skincare products are supported by nature, lovingly made with nourishing botanicals for naturally healthy skin.

Our spotlight ingredient, 100% raw unrefined Shea Butter is ethically sourced and traditionally handcrafted by a group of female entrepreneurs from Ghana. Shea Butter offers countless uses and benefits, including deeply nourishing, balancing and strengthening the skin. Our signature light, creamy texture moisturizes and hydrates all skin types, making any self care ritual beautifully simple.

Created with intention, purpose, and connection

"Connection.  We’re all seeking to connect in some way to ourselves, to each other, to our planet.  Self-care is the purest form of connection and skincare is the foundation of self-care.  Think about it – your skin affects your mind, body and spirit each and every day. It dictates your mood and it sets the tone for your day.  Every Beurre product is created with intention and purpose.  Our butters, herbs and oils all combine to beautifully connect us to ourselves to each other and to our planet.  Pure, clean, natural skincare is the essence of self-care."

- Shirley Menard, founder of Beurre

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