Meet Our Founder

 Hi! I'm Shirley  Menard, a New York born, Haitian bred, Ivy League educated lawyer turned founder of Beurre! It all started in 2011, after a colleague of mine from Ghana introduced me to a brick of shea butter. After discovering the hydrating, fortifying, and nourishing benefits of shea butter, I began building the foundation of Beurre.

Translating my legal skills to the world of small-batch natural skincare, I decided to learn everything I could about shea butter and discovered a treasure trove of beauty – fatty acids, vitamins and minerals - that rival any beauty product on the market today.

Beurre (meaning butter in French) was created through years of extensive research, learning the complexities and intricacies of natural oils and butters as well as understanding the science of skin care. After a series of tests and failures, new formulations and products were born and, unbeknownst to me, a passion for shea butter.  Now with an expanding line of products, the dream of sharing shea butter with the world is coming true. My vision is to go global - providing shea butter skin care to the masses.