All of our products are blended with herb infused oils ethically sourced in small batches from Lancaster Farmacy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Every herb is serves a specific purpose.  Our blend of comfrey, chamomile and calendula is effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and viral skin infections.  Geranium is perfect for pregnant bellies as it eases anxiety and calms the mind.  A unique blend of lemon verbena, elderflower and rose geranium elevates our body creams offering a relaxing, healing effect while protecting skin from sun and free radical damage.   

known for its anti-bacterial properties
anti-inflammatory and redness reducing
gently soothes irritation  
Rose Geranium  
natural hydrator for glowing skin
rich in vitamins A, B, B-2
Lemon Verbena
potent antioxidant that tones and plumps skin