Beurre Baby Oil

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8oz, Perfect for gentle, baby skin and great for eczema 

The perfect go-to skin moisturizer for your little one. Beurre Baby Oil features the same blend of essential oils used in our classic Beurre Body Oil, giving your baby the same calming benefits without risk of a heavy application for their gentle skin. 

What It Is

Chamomile is well known for its relaxing and soothing fragrance, which means that Beurre Baby Oil is the perfect addition to your baby’s nighttime routine. Apricot Kernel Oil works as an softening emollient oil, high in fatty acids and vitamin e, making Beurre Baby Oil a diaper bag staple for on-the-go hydration. Mama’s rejoice too as Beurre Baby Oil can also be used by grown-ups who are looking for lighter essential oil application. Shea and jojoba essential oils provide skin care benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great protection against eczema and other skin concerns. 

What It’s Good For

  • Hydrating but fast-absorbing
  • Relaxing light fragrance
  • Gentle enough for eczema flare ups 

3 Key Ingredients

Chamomile calming scent relaxes, Apricot Kernel Oil locks in moisture while Jojoba Oil calms protect gentle skin.

How to Use: Gently massage allowing oil to be absorbed into baby’s skin.  Great for eczema, diaper rash and small wounds.  For best results, use after bath time.

Full List of Ingredients:  Prunus armeniaca (Apricot kernel oil), Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba oil), Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea oil), Calendula officinalis (Calendula), Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile), Essential oil

You can read more about the skin care benefits and other uses of our shea butter, herbs, and oils on our Ingredient page.

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