Shea Butter Body Cream (Lavender)

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7.8 OZ Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin

Step out of the shower and smooth on our signature shea butter body cream  to soften and moisturize dry skin. Rich raw Ghanian Shea Butter softens and purifying elderflower paired with lavender’s soothing fragrance makes this cream a post- showertime staple.

What It Is 

 Our natural formula features an ambrosial herbal blend of oils that are known for reviving and nourishing the skin. Straight-from-the-source raw Ghanian Shea Butter penetrates deeply to soften and moisturize. Carefully crafted blends of restorative vitamin E, grapeseed and jojoba oils quench thirsty, dry skin. Together, these oils high in fatty acids and antioxidants are enriched with skin care benefits that naturally create a healthy skin tone.

What it’s good for

  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Calming scent reduces tension 
  • Skin-softening properties 
  • Fast absorbing 

3 Key Ingredients 

Rice powder contains anti-inflammatory agents, shea butter hydrates and softens, while jojoba oil treats sensitive skin issues. 

How to Use: Gently massage a small amount of Beurre, allowing the shea butter and oils to be absorbed into your skin.  For best results, use after shower or bath.  Store at room temperature in a dry space.

Full List of Ingredients: Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea butter), Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed oil), Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba oil), Aloysia citrodora (Lemon Verbena), Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium), Sambucus (Elderflower), Tocopherol (Vitamin E oil), Oryza sativa (Rice Powder), Citrus x paradise (Grapefruit seed extract), Essential oil

You can read more about the skin care benefits and other uses of our shea butter, herbs, and oils on our Ingredient page.

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